Feeding the land from

Burping cows are a major contributor to global warming. Methane is released whenever cows belch. And with a global herd of more than 3 billion animals, contemporary agriculture is the world’s largest source of man made methane production with a warming effect greater than all the world’s cars, planes and ships combined. But what if there was a way to stop cows from burping?

Adding just .04% supplement of Asparagopsis seaweed to cattle feed is shown to cut methane outputs by 99% while increasing yields. But with such a vast global herd, we need to find a way of growing Asparagopsis at a massive scale that is both sustainable and practical.

Which is why the Asparagopsis Co is researching the most effective and sustainable way of bringing the Asparagopsis benefit to producers.

Just 0.4% Supplement added to feed reduces methane emissions up to 99%

The story of how some Canadian cows with a taste for seaweed
led to the discovery of a for the elimination

of methane emissions from livestock.